150mm honyaki petty in 26c3 steel

Ultra lightweight petty in 26c3 carbon steel

My very first blade in 26c3 steel.
It’s similar to 1095, but it reaches higher hardness (up to 68Hrc out of the quench!) and a more clean and stain resistant final surface.


Model: 150mm honyaki petty with african ebony handle
Knife code: GF-1586015425
Blade type: 50/50 bevels, rounded spine and choil
: 26c3 high carbon steel 63/64 Hrc
Treatment: differential hardening with visible dark hamon
Handle: octagonal handle, african ebony, stabilized birch with copper spacers
Sizes: total length 11.22” (285mm), blade 6.29” (160mm), edge 5.90″ (150mm) blade height 1.37″ (35mm), thickness .118” (3mm), handle 4.92″ (125mm)
Weight: 130gr
Box: optional handcrafted wooden saya with logo on order


Note: none of my knives is mass-produced.
As they are all completely handcrafted without the use of any hi-tech machinery please bear in mind that experience and skill do not necessarily rule out slight imperfections. However, any small defect you might encounter should be considered as the trademark of a unique, custom-made knife, which reflects the difference in the raw materials used (such as wood grains, etc.). I don’t sell knives with defects that alter their performances or durability.